More than improvisation, my work is a creative form of freestyle. The first step is understanding how to handle the texture, followed by a silent conversation between the materials and my hands. It is always a process that is bred subconsciously - the idea is something that develops in my mind and then translates into an emotion that converts to colour and texture.

I use organic materials - natural pigments, different textures, marble dust, sand, flax oil, and paints that I create. Crucially, the fabric gets the main space. I believe we often forget the important role played by both the easel and the canvas. In my work, the weave of the fabric always plays a fundamental role. In treating the fabric (usually made of cotton), I start with a half chalk primer made of rabbit's foot glue, calcium carbonate, flaxseed oil, zinc oxide and distilled water. This raises the absorption and refraction capacity of the textile.

I use different creative techniques, mainly a mixed technique based on a combination of texture, colours and painting tools (spatulas, rollers, paintbrushes, wood, my hands). For my sculpt work, I have experimented with fibreglass bandages, resins, plaster, polyurethane foam, silicon, among others.