The equation of matter = skin = psyche.

1819 Art Magazine.

...¨This conceptual matrix is enriched through its overlap with two other discursive lines tasked with conveying its production: the tireless exploration of the margin of possibilities open to gestural abstraction; and the growing need to question the bi-dimensionality of modernist painting in order to advance first toward tri-dimensionality and finally toward sculpturality.

Indeed, Fernández's work represents one of the most interesting expressions of the trans-modern category called "painting in the expanded field." ¨



Finding oneself in the

 external body

Intimate Femicide Installation

Brenda the artist encases her body. The casing sets, epidermis and all. Like any anything shed off, it hurts. She takes hold of the clone and throws it away. She looks at it and is surprised to see – outside of her and head on – those parts that her gaze has never landed on. We tend to see ourselves in two dimensions, but this body that has detached itself from her has volume too.

She greets herself, she does not recognize herself, she makes herself her own, but conflictedly. A conflict inherited from the female body and its alleged aesthetic duties: not to offend, to please the gazes of the "pleasant"…

Minette Erdman


That light that slips through the strands

Destramando Exhibition

..¨In this way, Brenda searches for the best way of manifesting that art underlies everything that denotes narrative difficulty, everything we struggle to name.

In DESTRAMANDO , as in so many of the spaces she i nhabits, she painstakingly recreates the outline of her map: stains; firm, nearly exact strokes; scratches that mold forms; breaks that design compasses; soft chiaroscu ros that denote rhythms; broken forms accumulated until they form a construct...¨